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The gene expression atlas for Olive tree (Olea europaea L.)

OliveAtlas aims to provide interactive bioinformatics tools to explore gene expression data of olive tree. The current version of OliveAtlas includes data for most of the main organs of the olive tree variety Picual (leaves, flower, pollen, fruits, seeds, roots, stem, and meristem), and multiple responses to biotic and abiotic stresses such as cold, wound and infection of Verticillium dahliaea.

All the Picual expression data were analyzed based on the olive tree genome sequence published by Jiménez-Ruiz et al., 2020 and all data are linked to sequences and annotations available at the OliveTreeDB.

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Please, when using this web site or its data, cite us using the reference:

Bullones A, Castro AJ, Lima-Cabello E, Alché JD, Luque F, Claros MG, Fernandez-Pozo N (2023). OliveAtlas: A gene expression atlas tool for Olea europaea.
Plants 2023, 12(6), 1274